From an early age I became interested in drawings, I spent all my time making drawings on any paper I found and today I continue the same. When something inspires me, I look for sheet of paper and let my imagination flow into it. Of course, I write down any detail that I can think to be use when sitting down to realize my idea.

I am passionate about design, illustration, photography, animation films mainly because in animation anything can happen. Our imagination has no limits and anything that surrounds me can be the starting point of my ideas.
In my early years I studied Graphic Design in UBA Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina; them continues my studies in Photography in the EPA Escola Panamericana de Arte in Sao Paulo Brasil.

I graduated in Computer Animation and Visualization degree from John Moore University. After my degree I started writing script for movie that can be animated in 3D, considering each character, environment and scene with a lot of detail and I spend my time doing a storyboard about the films.

I am Self-employed and partner in RV Partnership Limited – Accountable for the creative department. Leading writer and designer of storyboards for 3D animated films; creator and designer of 3D Characters and scenography; edition and production of photography and website design.